Why buy Pre-owned Luxury goods?

Posted by Carlotta Campi on

Buying pre-loved goods make luxury affordable to everyone.

Cheaper than boutique prices, most of the items are in excellent condition & buying pre-loved means you could get a beautiful designer handbag for a fraction of the price! it doesn't come easy in this day & age, with the booming ecommerce & fake that are getting harder to identify.

Always shop pre-owned designer handbags & accessories  from reputable reseller, registrered business  & ask how they authenticate their items & stay away from marketplaces.

 Here at Adriana Pre-loved Luxe is what we do everyday, we scrutinize every single item that comes in our office, but only the authentic items are online to purchase, we loved what we do & we are proud of what we achive in this little time since opening in January 2021.

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