How It Works

1. Fill out the ‘Consignment Quote Form’ below and provide as much detail as possible for an accurate quote. With your quote, include necessary photos of the item(s) you wish to consign including a front photo, and photos of any flaws.

2. Once our team receives your submission, we will send you a consignment and/or a direct sale quote (if applicable). Please wait for 24-48 hours to receive your quote. The consignment quote means we will list your item at the quoted price and once sold, we will pay you your portion of the sale, and take our commission. 

The direct sell quote means if you do not want to wait for the item to sell, we will offer you a another quote option for instant funds. All quotes are listed in New Zealand dollar and valid for 30 days only. Quotes are subject to change after the 30-day post-quotation period.

3. If you accept our consignment or direct sale quote, we will need your personal details for our consignors file and the pick up address for the courier.


Please see the Full terms & condition for consignment here  

 Please be aware that we accept authentic items only.

For items identified as non authentic, a fee of 150$ (Bags, shoes and accessories) 300$ per Hermes item(s) and $450 for Luxury watches will be charged to the owner for return to cover shipping costs both ways and processing.

Minimum resale value item is 500$ NZD

We no longer accept any items in poor condition with a rating lower than 8/10