What bags are worth the investment in 2022?

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Designer handbags are an essential part of any fashion lovers closet worldwide and can also be a financial asset.

According to the analysts, Designer bags and luxury items grow in price every year, regardless of market conditions. As the luxury market grows, more people will start investing in it and increasing the price and the demand for designer handbags is set to grow from $60 billion today to $100 billion by 2027.
in this regards, even Credit Suisse early this year stated that specific luxury bags had 2.5% to 5% annualized volatilities, therefore investing in them carries the least amount of risks.


Truth is, not any bag can be an investment piece.

Before investing in a particular luxury product, it is essential to consider some variables.
First, evaluate the design, how many years has been in production?

The product must be in demand in the primary and pre-loved markets.

Second, if possible, invest in pristine/near new condition to maximise your future returns.
Certain brands and models can not only return the amount spent after a while but also may improve your financial situation.

Let’s talk about collectible bags.

Firstly, it is a rare, unique item. Luxury bags made of lizard  or crocodiles skin , and leather that are no longer used ( like Elephant skin).

Secondly, vintage models and limited edition models that are no longer produced are always in demand. If the model were created specifically for a season or event, this would increase its value over time.

And, of course, well-known classic models of expensive brands that have passed the test of time, ( like Chanel 2.55 or Hermes Birkin)


Hermes Kelly and Birkin

The Birkin 30 and the Kelly 28 fit everyday essentials and can become extremely valuable since the waiting list can take up to 6 years. 

Hermès limits the number of items a customer can purchase per year. This commitment to maintaining exclusivity is undoubtedly paying off and creating a thriving market for the company itself and the further resale of its products. Moreover, the boutique assistant decides whether you are worthy of becoming the owner of a Kelly or Birkin. There are no exact criteria ( known to the public) that a person must meet. However, some believe it depends on the salesperson, if they like you or you need to build your profile by buying different things in the boutique to prove that you are a regular customer, in the event of  by being selected, you should not expect to have the right to choose a bag of a specific colour or size. That is why it is better to buy pre-loved Hermes if you can, browse our Hermes items on our site.


Chanel Classic

Coco Chanel created a women's shoulder-carried bag on a chain. The bag's name is the date of its creation: February 1955.
Over the past two years, there have been five price increases for Chanel handbags, with the latest one in August 2022 (Europe only). We believe you can expect a 100% return on the retail price, depending on the condition, leather, hardware. Check out the Chanel bags we have at Adriana Pre-loved Luxe.


Louis Vuitton Classics

Classic bags from Louis Vuitton that will never go out of style.  Neverfull, Speedy, Alma, Croisette, Artsy, Sac Plat will keep being popular and increasing their value.

Although the price increases compared to other bags in not much, you most likely get a good amount of your money back after using your bag for years with the care and respect it deserves. If you get a bag from the collaboration collections, or a limited edition collection  then you might get 100% of your money back. Check out the Louis Vuitton bags we have at Adriana Pre-loved Luxe.


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