The Pre-loved Market is Booming

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The pre-loved luxury industry is skyrocketing and doesn't signal to slow down.
The preowned luxury handbags market is under the spotlight thanks to the consciousness interest from the consumers for its sustainability.
Every day, more and more people realise they can get high quality, on-trend designer goods for amazing prices, while having less impact to
the environment when opting for secondhand goods.

What is Pre-loved Luxury?

Pre-loved luxury is focused on a specific niche, luxury designer goods.
People all over the world now are investing in luxury goods for their longevity and qualify by ditching fast fashion brands & trends that last only a season.

The Pros of Luxury items as an Investment:

1. Regain your initial investment
2. Be on-trend
3. Be environmentally attentive

The Cons Be aware of Scammers the pre-loved market Is not immune to it.
As secondhand luxury starts to pop out everywhere, the concern with luxury consignment is the circulation of fake handbags.
It is crucial that buyers do their research and buy from a reputable source.

Here at Adriana Pre-loved Luxe, are confident of our 100% authentic guarantee or your money back policy.

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