Consignment Process never been easier!

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At Adriana Pre-loved Luxe we make the consignment process easy and safe. 


  • Our quote prices reflect the current NZ Market Value of like wise items.
  • Our team makes sure the item is authentic and then we create initial images and curate important information for our clients to make a decision to purchase.
  • After the initial image being posted, content such as stories and videos boost the chances of the item being sold since it is being viewed by clients frequently.
  • We also market your item on Tik Tok, Facebook and Trademe. 



When a client is interested in purchasing your designer handbag,  we handle the entire process for you. You will never deal with lowballers, non serious offers, fake bank transfer receipt or rushed pickups.

You do not need to worry about dealing with payment scams or fraud when you choose to consign or sell with Adriana Pre-loved Luxe

We ensure that each transaction is legitimate thanks to our secure payment process and fraud prevention.

At Adriana Pre-loved Luxe, we care about the environment and want to reduce your and our carbon footprint, that’s why we have chosen all our packaging to be from recycled materials, and partner up with our couriers that comply with NZ emission trading scheme.

Consignment is a great way to be sustainable, luxury items are made to last and if for any reason you are falling out of love with your designer bag, it’s time to find a new loving home for it!

You will help to save the environment by selling your old bags instead of  discarding into the landfill.


Let us help you! 

Consign or direct sell you designer handbag with Adriana pre-loved Luxe.

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