About Us

Why shopping with us?

Adriana Pre-loved Luxe offers a one stop shop for those seeking an effortless and guilt free luxury shopping experience, that everyone can afford.
We do all the hard work. The photos, the listing, the authentication is all on us. 

You just sit back & relax

Buying preowned gives another chance of life to unused items, which many have been barely used & in fantastic condition!

We offer exceptional customer service, fast shipping, GST with shipping included. Your bag will be delivered in luxurious eco-friendly packaging supporting our sustainable ethos. 

We  also offer several buy now & pay later options, the dream bag you are looking for can be yours in just a few clicks.

Our product descriptions focus to be as details as possible in describing the condition and features of our pre-loved designer handbags, in addition you will find high quality images to guarantee that you know exactly what you are buying.



We endeavour to offer pre-owned designer handbags without the lavish price that come with buying brand new.

We provide the following designer brand to suit every taste such as: Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada & Dior.

Our service aims to provide the ultimate in convenience and reliability, whilst offering high quality luxury products at greatly reduced prices.



Browse thorough a wide range of pre owned designer bags to find the perfect item for you at a discounted price.

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The master mind behind Adriana Pre-loved Luxe

Adriana Pre-loved Luxe started with a simple question: “How can we create a safe platform for shoppers where they can buy authentic second hand handbags & make sustainable choices with their unused designer handbags?”

From this question Our director Carlotta, with a fashion Store Manager background experienced in her home country, Italy, & Luxury handbags collector herself create Adriana Pre-loved Luxe.

We valuate the New Zealand market & are disappointed at the lack of value, uncertain authenticity of second hand luxury handbags and accessories, on online marketplaces. We wanted to encourage our shoppers to shop with us for great value, worry free about the authenticity and comfortable shopping experience, while consider resale as a sustainable approach to fashion & make some money towards another purchase.