Discover the Louis Vuitton Neverfull and why you should add it to your collection.

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The Louis Vuitton Neverfull was only introduced in 2007, and soon this everyday tote has become one of Louis Vuitton’s all-time most successful and best-selling bags. Which is now considered a classic.

The Neverfull was designed to be a practical bag, able to hold everything you need, comes in three sizes from smallest to largest; PM, MM, GM.

The Neverfull comes in the popular Monogram Canvas, Damier Ebene and Damier Azur  as well as many colors of Epi Leather and the newest Empreinte Leather. Throughout the years the Neverfull Monogram MM is often used as a canvas for limited editions and artist collaborations, such as the famous Stephen Sprouse Roses, Takashi Murakami, and the Cities edition (just to name a few )

Even though there are lots of variations, the classic Monogram and Damier patterns are the most popular. All bags feature a printed lining, the Monogram originally came with a beige lining, but more recently other colourful linings have been included such as Fuschia, Pivoine and Rose Ballerine.

To the newest collector and LV lovers it may come as a surprise that the Monogram and Damier Neverfull styles are not actually made of leather. Rather, these are crafted from a treated or coated canvas fabric and trimmed with untreated Italian leather called Vachetta (Cow Hide). The Damier Ebene is trimmed with PVC coated Vachetta.

The Neverfull is a very strong bag despite incredibly thin looking straps. The GM size is designed and tested to carry up to 90 kilograms! (These were the specs when LV first launched the bag, we haven’t tested ourself)

A cool feature is possible to adjust the bag's size and aesthetic by cinching in the sides! There are side ties that allow you to make it smaller or larger to fit your needs. An interior clasp can be used to bring the bag's shape into more a private enclose bag while adding extra security.

since 2015 the Louis Vuitton Neverfull totes are sold with a matching pochette to help keep you organized, each pochette also includes a strap that can easily attach to a D-ring located inside the tote. Extremely versatile, the pochette can also double as a wristlet that comes in handy just grab all your necessities and go for a quick stop to your local coffee shop.

Finally, it’s important to note that the resale value of this bag depending on its condition and size is close to the current retail price. The Neverfull is extremely popular and is among the more reasonably priced in Louis Vuitton’s collection, making it a brilliant choice if you want to start investing in designer bags.
If you can snag a pre-owned Neverfull in very good condition at a couple of hundred off the retail price, then all the better.

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