Consignment T&C


Consignment Conditions

All items submitted must be 100% authentic, non stolen and not counterfeit or imitation goods. Please fill the consignment/direct sale form on the website or email us at with pictures & details ofthe item you wish to sell.

1- We will arrange a courier to pick the item from your designated address and we will pay the courier fee. You must ensure that you attend at your nominated collection address at the time window agreed with the courier for collection and follow our directions for shipping.

2- Upon receipt of your item by us, we will arrange for our authenticators to valuated your item to verify its authenticity and physically inspect your item to our high standard of preowned conditions.

3- We will then email you to confirm we have authenticated your item. The price will be that quoted to you, unless the condition or any features of your item are different to what they appeared when you originally submitted your consignment request to us. We advise that our selling price is based on the best selling price that we consider can be achieved, regarding to the market price of the item against similar items in the market. If the price necessitates a change, we will advise you and then you must email us to confirm that you are satisfied with our proposed listing price, upon which we will clean your item and list on our website.

4- If you advise that you are not satisfied with the proposed listing price, then we will arrange for the return of your item to you at your cost.

5- If during the process of authentication the item is redeemed not authentic, we will require a payment from the consignor of 85$ NZD per item to cover the expenses of labour cost & we will resend the item(s) back to you. Fail to pay the non authentic item(s) invoice before the due date, we will send two formal reminders. HOWEVER if you fail to correspond with us we will not be able to work out a solution, from here your debt will be passed onto a Debt collection Agency. Once your debt has been transferred to Debt collection agency we are unable to offer any payment other alternative. The debt collector agency will charge penalties and failure to fulfil the requirements will end in legal action.

6- In providing your item to us for consignment, you warrant that the item is authentic and produced by the designer stated and that you have sole and unencumbered title to the item.


1- We will list your item on our website for the agreed price with you and with a description that carefully describe the conditions of the item.

2- You agree the authenticated item will stay physically with us & online on our website for 90 days from the date we publish, if it hasn't sold during this time frame, the team at Adriana will get in
touch and upon agreement between us & you, the item may be renewed for a further 30 days with a price reduction. 

3- In the event that your item does not sell within the 90 day listing period, we will contact you as to whether to agree to continue listing the item with a reduction from its original sale price, or whether you direct us to return your item to you, we will pay for the shipping cost to return your item to you.

4- In case that you seek the return of your item prior to the end of the agreed 90 day listing period, an administrative charge of $70.00 NZD will be payable by you to us to cover our previous shipping and listing costs, and you must also pay the shipping cost to return the item to you.

5- Once the sale is finalise we will email you with the outcome & proceed with the payout into your nominated bank account the sale price of the item less our consignment fee as set out at “CONSIGNMENT FEES” below.


 Items valued up to 4000 $ NZD The consignor received 70% of the sale price
 Items valued more than 4001 $ NZD The consignor received 80% of the sale price


1- Once the sale is finalise we will email you with the outcome & proceed with the payout

2- We will cover the cost of any GST and shipping fees to the customer. The above fees apply to each item individually

3- Upon payment of the net sale price to you, your sale to us is finalised.

4- Minimum resale value item is 500$ NZD


1- When sending your item for consignment via courier, you assume all responsibility and risk for your item until it is deliver to us & sign for. Once the item is in our possession Adriana
pre-loved Luxe is responsible for your item(s) being lost or damaged we cover the cost of such a loss limited to the market value of your item.

2-We will otherwise not be liable to you in any circumstances for loss, damage or any claims, provided we have complied with our obligations as set out in these Terms and Conditions, and in no circumstances will we be responsible for any consequential loss.

3-You indemnify us for any loss, damage or claim incurred by us as a result of your negligent act or omission or breach of these terms and conditions.

4- In the event that you do not comply with a provision of these terms and conditions, then we may advise you that we wish to end the consignment arrangements between ourselves and you . We
reserve the right to discontinue with the sale of your item for any reason and will not be liable in any manner upon discontinuance.

5- We will use our best attempt to sell your item, but we cannot provide any guarantee that your item will sell.

6-The link to these terms and conditions will be provided to you in an email prior to you sending your item for consignment, and by shipping your item to us your actions constitute acceptance of these terms and your intention to be bound by them. These terms and conditions represent the entire agreement between yourself and us regarding your consignment of your item, and no variation to these terms and conditions is made unless the parties mutually confirm by email to make such variation.

7- In these terms and conditions, ‘your’ and ‘you’ refers to the person named above. ‘Us’ and ‘we’ refers to Adriana Pre-loved luxe Limited. ‘Item’ refers to your item that is proposed to be consigned.


We accept pre-owned handbags & accessories from the following designers: Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci , Dior & Prada

We always look to expand our demand for other Brands so please feel free to email us if the handbag or accessories is not in the above brands but still considered an in demand item.