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Under the Microscope - Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton was a French fashion designer  He was the founder of the brand of leather goods now owned by LVMH. He had been appointed as trunk-maker to Empress the wife of Napoleon III. Known for their quality trunks, durable & lightweight canvas Louis Vuitton made a name for themselves at the end of the 1800, everyone tried to copy its style & logo, which  made Vuitton towards the idea to created the Damier Canvas pattern. In 1913, the Louis Vuitton Building opened on the Champ-...

May 26, 2021

Why buying preowned is the new trend

The time leading to a big purchase or invest in to a designer handbag isn't the easiest decision to make and is one that needs considerable thought and planning. Taste, budget, fit-to-lifestyle and future must be taken into account. Surely, you can shop straight to the designer store and get it directly  brand new, but if your pockets are tight, and you follow the new wave of sustainability , then buying pre-owned is the way to go. With more option than ever of re-seller sites, sticking to ...

May 18, 2021

Authenticity is the foundation of our business

We know how hard it can be to shop online for designer items, how stressful the wait to receive the parcel after the payment, the worries to be scammed from an overseas unreliable seller, that's why we founded Adriana Pre-loved Luxe. We want our customers to be confident they are getting the best deals in New Zealand on pre-loved & Authentic designer items without being worried. Adriana Pre-loved Luxe is a must stop in your designers online shopping, either when you want source an item or just a...

May 4, 2021

Why buy Pre-owned Luxury goods?

Buying pre-loved goods make luxury affordable to everyone.  Cheaper than boutique prices, most of the items are in excellent condition & buying pre-loved means you could get a beautiful designer handbag for a fraction of the price! it doesn't come easy in this day & age, with the booming ecommerce & fake that are getting harder to identify. Always shop pre-owned designer handbags & accessories  from reputable reseller, registrered business  & ask how they authenticate their items ...

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